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Attendance & Tardies

Attendance & Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy

Frequent or persistent tardiness is a definite disadvantage to your child as well as being unfair to the rest of the class. At the beginning of class, assignments are made and explained. If a child enters late, that student must either miss part of the work or the teacher must take time to go over it again individually. This is often not possible in fairness to the rest of the class.

Any students arriving late to school are to go to the school office first, then proceed to class with a tardy clearance. A letter will be sent home informing you if there are repeated incidents of tardiness. A parent conference will be held for students in grades TK-6 who have repeated tardies.

Chronic tardy problems may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board of the Glendale Unified School District for follow-up and monitoring. Additionally, excessive tardies are included on your child’s report card, which becomes part of your child’s permanent record at Glendale Unified School District.


Leaving School Early

Parents wishing to take their child from school during school hours must come to the office in person to sign their child out. The student will be called to the office when the parent arrives. Please do not request students to be waiting for your arrival as they miss valuable instructional time, particularly if the parent arrives later than arranged. Children will only be released to persons listed on the Student Information Card or to someone who has a written request from the parent. Personal identification will be required. Notes from home requesting that the child be sent home alone for medical appointments, etc. will not be accepted. This policy is for the protection of your child. We expect that children will leave during the school day for emergencies only and that medical appointments will be scheduled after dismissal whenever possible so students do not miss important instructional time.  Students who leave school early on a regular basis can also be flagged for attendance issues.


Dismissal Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Release Times

 TK  12:16 p.m.
 Kindergarten  12:26 p.m.
 Grades 1-3  2:20 p.m.
 Grades 4-6  2:40 p.m.

Wednesday Release Times

 TK  12:16 p.m.
 Kindergarten  12:26 p.m.
 Grades 1-3  1:20 p.m.
 Grades 4-6  1:40 p.m.

Minimum Day Release Times

 TK  11:40 a.m.
 Kindergarten  11:50 a.m.
 Grades 1-3  11:59 a.m.
 Grades 4-6  12:19 p.m.

There is no supervision available after school for any student not enrolled in CDCC (Child Development and Child Care) Programs. Children are to leave campus or be picked up promptly at dismissal time at the Maryland Avenue gate. Primary students (grades 1-3) who are waiting for their older siblings to be released at 2:40 p.m. need to wait in the pickup area. If their parents are there, students must be with them on the sidewalk or in the car. They may not play on the sidewalk. Students may not chase each other or play games while waiting. Students who have a sibling participating in an after-school program (i.e., orchestra, chorus, or extra-curricular classes) may not wait for their sibling’s release from their program. They must be picked up at their dismissal time, and parents will need to return for the other student when the program ends.

Parents, we appreciate your assistance in ensuring campus safety by watching and keeping a close eye on non-school-aged siblings while waiting for your older children. Any and all children in your care need to remain with you at all times.

Please note that students will be dismissed early each Wednesday to allow for planning and training of staff. Students who are enrolled in the CDCC program will be supervised during this time; however, others are expected to go directly home.


Student Absences

Regular attendance is an essential element for education success. All absences from school MUST be verified by a parent by phoning the school office on each date of absence or sending a note with the student on the day they return. Please call prior to 10:00 a.m. Phone messages can be left as early as 7:30 a.m. Please state the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s teacher’s name
  • Reason for the absence (illness or other reason)
  • Date(s) of the absence
  • Your name and relationship to the student

The parent and the student must see the Health Clerk for school clearance if the student has had a communicable disease (i.e., Chicken Pox), fracture, or been under a doctor’s care for a prolonged illness or surgical procedure.