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Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop off/Pick up Traffic Safety

Because many families are transporting their children to school, keeping an orderly traffic flow around the school is very important to us. All students should be dropped off on Maryland Avenue at the front gate. Afternoon pick-up will be made on Maryland Avenue (grades 1-6). TK and Kindergarten students will be dismissed at the Maryland Avenue Kindergarten gate towards the top of our campus. Please arrange the pickup location with your child. Use the drop-off/pickup lane going west on Orange and up Maryland. Stop only when you are at the top of the land. If your child is not visible, continue through the “coned” lane and don’t block traffic. 

If you walk your child to the Maryland Ave. gate for drop off, please stop at the cones above and below the gate after 7:45 AM and send your child up to the gate/playground for supervision. Parents may not come onto campus to wait with their children for school to begin. If you choose to walk and wait for students at pick-up times, please wait outside the sidewalk gates.

Child Care students entering before 7:45 AM should enter at the gate by the school office so parents can sign in their children at the CDCC classroom (Room 515). A drop-off zone has been arranged specifically for students enrolled in this program.

Please be aware the Administration (and many parents) contact the police to observe and write traffic tickets for those parking and driving unsafely. The Glendale Police Department Traffic Division number is (818) 548-3131. We have two crossing guards at the intersections for student safety, and we have a drive-through lane that is manned before AND after school to assist with a safe entry and exit to school. These measures can only do so much, however. It is largely up to each driver out there to improve the situations that may exist. May we please make the following suggestions to help maintain safe practices and conditions:

  1. Stay calm!
  2. Model appropriate behavior for your children.
  3. Follow driving laws regarding stop signs, double parking, and u-turns – do not stop in the middle of the street, double park, or do u-turns in the middle of the street. This is illegal and dangerous to children AND adults. You must stop at the stop sign on Orange Ave. and Maryland Ave. prior to making your right turn from the pick-up lane. Using the lane does not supersede the law!
  4. It will not harm your child to walk a short distance to where you are parked so park where there is room even if it is down the street and NOT in the drive-through lane. Arrange with your child where you will meet them in advance. Participate in Fit Fridays by walking to school as a family.
  5. NEVER park in the parking lot driveway or block the driveway on the street.
  6. The parking lot is for staff parking only. Parents/visitors may not park there, including those parents dropping off or picking up students from the CDCC Program.
  7. Children are never to be sent or walked through the parking lot to enter or leave the campus at any time.
  8. Children should ONLY cross at the crosswalks. Please don’t call them to cross in the middle of the street. If necessary, walk across the street to your child and escort them to your car.
  9. Be courteous at all times to other drivers (see #2)!
  10. Most importantly, please share these suggestions and procedures with all the people who pick up your child, including after-school tutors and childcare providers.

IMPORTANT: Due to continuing unsafe and/or illegal traffic situations at drop-off and pick-up times, the Glendale Police Department has suggested that parents witnessing these situations report them to a special traffic phone number at Glendale Police Department: (818) 548-3131. They will need the license number and description of the vehicle involved.